The Benefits of a Good Bamboo Floor Manufacturer

With bamboo flooring becoming so popular, how do you choose which company to buy from? It seems like a new bamboo floor manufacturer is popping up every day. They have graduated from just furniture to include flooring and fencing. The reasons for this growth are simple. Bamboo is cheap, easily renewable and the demand is growing exponentially. Not just used for furniture anymore, bamboo is now becoming the leader in home renovations for flooring.

Before buying a ton of bamboo floor materials, do your homework. Some manufacturers produce very poor quality. They buy their bamboo from farmers that harvest after only two years and then treat it with formaldehyde to speed up the hardening and coloring process.

Natural Bamboo Flooring

This results in an inferior floor that will not last more than a few years.You need to ask yourself this: is bamboo flooring good?In order to know the benefits of bamboo flooring you’ll need to remember that a good quality bamboo floor should last at least thirty years, and it also needs to meet the following:

Things to look for:

  • Where does the company get the bamboo from. Which farmer and in which region.
  • Is the farmer using extreme chemicals to speed up the growing cycle.
  • Is the farmer harvesting young bamboo. Bamboo should only be harvested at five years or older.
  • What processes does the manufacturer use.
  • How long has the company been in business. Do they have the knowledge and experience to produce a quality product.
  • Is the price too good to be true. Very low prices usually translate into very low quality.

The area where the bamboo grows could affect the quality. Poor soil conditions will, obviously, produce a lower grade of bamboo. Harvesting young bamboo results in softer, less durable flooring or furniture. Bamboo hardens as it ages, that is why it needs to age for at least five years. Some farmers have been accused of using growth hormones to speed the aging cycle. Making the stalk appear fully grown, when it is actually still very immature and soft.

Unlike a tree, the root of the bamboo continues to grow after it is cut. A ‘mother’ root can produce many offspring, making bamboo a great renewable resource. The same plant can be harvested every five years.

Once a tree is cut, it is gone. Naturally, you can not get as many boards from a bamboo stalk as you can from a two hundred year old tree, so you need many stalks. But bamboo grows like a weed, is small and easy to take down, making it very easy to get a few hundred stalks in a very short time.

Building your very own Woodstove

This is one of the most interesting do-it-yourself projects that can safely be managed by amateurs and beginners alike; plus it gives you the pleasure of cooking your food on the woodstove that you built with your own hands! Check the link to find all step by step guidelines helping you create this interesting project!

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“This is a follow up video to my $10 woodstove vid. This stove was made from 90% reused materials. Total budget was $20, which covered welding wire, grinding discs, paint, and electricity.”

$20 Woodstove made from a propane tank – Backyard mechanic DIY

Bellawood prefinished hardwood floors

Bellawood prefinished hardwood floors provides lifetime in all its products.

Bellawood floors come in a wide range of varieties, such as different wood species, cuts or grades. The company has the big advantage of having its own manufacturer facilities, which makes easier to sell direct to customers.


How Bellawood achieves these incredible prices?

The answer is easy, as we have said before, Bellawood® brand owns some plants production in Virginia state, and they trade directly with customers, without any third hardwood floor seller between them.

The Bellawood headquarters are located in Colonial Heights and the other plant is in Lynchburg. Both are strategically located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, close to Northern Oaks, Hickory, Ash, and other quality forests.


Since Bellawood has been producing prefinished hardwood floors during 50 years, it allows you to profit of their affordable prices as well as their quality.

You can obtain a hardwood floor that last a lifetime. They guarantee at least 50 years if it is used under residential use. Contact any of nearly 30 showrooms across the country in order to get a closer look of hardwood floors.

Do not hesitate in contact its customer service by calling 1.800.FLOORING. If you want to contact Bellawood from outside U.S call 804.524.9460.